Who Am I?

My name is Peter Calderon. I am an e-card-o-holic. Many friends of mine think I need help. I know I don't, I just love what I collect. Don't worry - I love what I collect - I don't LOOOOOOVE what I collect. They just don't understand. I've been collecting Baseball cards since I was 9 years old back in 1977.

Buying the cards of the day was fun but my Grandfather gave me a few old cards and filled me with stories of Baseball's past. I was taught why Baseball is in fact the National Pastime. Baseball's past is filled with fantastic highs and lows, winners and losers, heroics and dsiappointments. It's like life. One of the few constants covering the entire history of the game is Baseball cards. Players, teams, and even leagues came and went but the cards were always there and kept a record of it all for us to appreciate.

My first e-card was an E90.1 Mitchell, NY. What was the American Caramel Co.? They went on to known as Hershey's. I was hooked. I went to my first collector's show in 1981. I stll have the ticket stub. It was a 13 year old boys dream.

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I put this site together for all of the E-card collectors out there and for those who want to begin collecting E-cards. E-card collectors have to be the most hard-core collectors in the hobby. No sane person would put in the time, effort and money to assemble as few as 25 little pieces of card board with baseball players pictures on them. I have a great deal of respect for the collector who goes to a show, walks around 100 tables and finds what he/she wants at only 1 or 2 tables. I have been to shows where the only money I spent was for admission and parking. Some will say that is crazy - I like to call it dedication.

The vast majority of collectors who venture into collecting vintage cards go for Tobacco cards. Tobacco cards are just as nice, offer many challanges, and putting together a complete set is quite an accomplishment. The truth is the vast majority of tobacco cards are readily available. Not to put down in any way tobacco collectors but finding a common tobacco card is not a challange. Finding a caramel can be. Granted, I am showing my age since newer collectors who have the internet and ebay won't find locating e-cards quite the challenge it was years ago. I estimate for every 300-400 T-Cards you come across, you will come across 1 E-card.

What You Will Find - This site is pretty simple. Nothing is for sale - yet, I never say never. In this site you will find:

Introduction - This page. Welcomes you and gives you a little background and a few great baseball card related web sites.

The Cards - This pages will contain general information about E-cards and some other interesting information. This page will also give you links to checklists and the galleries as well as a page linking you to some interesting information regarding reprint identification, other E-sets of the era, and a couple of other candy sets that I collect. Pages will be updated as new discoveries and information is made. Fell free to contribute anything and everything.

Want lists - A page for YOU to list specific cards you are looking for. See guidelines on the page for details.

For Sale - Coming in 2002.

Auctions - A link to my ebay auctions.

The Card Galleries
The majority of the cards on this site are in my personal collection currently or once were in my collection. They are all originals and to the best of my experience aren't trimmed in any way. I hope you enjoy seeing them. Unlike many who hate it when people download images and use them, I welcome it, just let future viewers know where you found it. You will find names underneath some of the cards. These are the collectors I received the images from.

HAVE A CARD I DON'T? You will notice blank spots or missing cards in the galleries. Those are cards I don't own and I'd love to include one of your cards as part of this site. You can e-mail the scanned images to petecld@earthlink.net. All images will be credited unless told otherwise.

Web Links
Below are a few web sites of fellow collectors, dealers or chat boards that I can recommend to new collectors if they are looking for information on vintage cards or just want to get in contact with other vintage collectors:

Andy Baran's web site:

Vintage card chat boards:
http://www.network54.com/Forum/153652 and

Got a Baseball card related web site of your own? If you would like to exchange web links just let me know - petecld@earthlink.net


I hope this site comes in handy for you.
Feel free to recommend it to all of your collecting friends.


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