Other Sets of The Era

The following Baseball sets were all issued during the same era as the other sets issued during the same time as E90.1 - E107 sets:

E125 - American Caramel (1910)
A list of available players is listed on the back of the cards to date not all players are known. These are large sized cards that are cutouts of players from Philadelphia A's, New York Giants, Boston Red Sox, and Pittsburgh Pirates.

E136 - Zeenuts (1911-1938)
issued by Collins-McCarthy on the west coast. These cards are hard to find and consist of minor league PCL players. Zeenut cards cards were issued every year from 1911 through 1938.

E136 - Home Run Kisses (1912)
90 known players. Issued by Collins-McCarthy on the west coast. These cards are very nice looking and quite rare.

E145.1 & E154.2 - Cracker Jacks
Great looking cards issued in 1914 (E145.1) and 1915 (e145.2). 144 cards were issued in 1914 and 176 issued in 1915. Originals are on very thin paper stock and usually found in lower conditions. These cards have been reprinted on thick card stock. Collector's BEWARE!

E221 - Bishop & Company Team Cards (1910)
Issued by the same company as the E99 and E100 sets these are extremely rare and are on very thin paper. To my knowledge only 5 of the 6 teams used for the E99 and E199 sets is known.

E222 - A.W.H. Caramels (circa 1910)
There are only 10 known cards is this rare set. All of the players are from the Virginia League and this set is so rare only the most hard-core collectors go after one. It is high on the wanted lists of most type collectors.

E224 - Texas Tommy Type 1 and type 2 (1914)
Not much is known about the company that issued these cards. There are 50 known type 1 players and 15 type 2. These cards do contain stats on the back of the cards. Type one cards are larger - 2.375" X 3.5" as opposed to type 2s which are 1.875" X 3".

E254 & E270 - Colgan's Chips (circa 1909-1911)
E254s are the more common variety of these two sets. E254s are round, borderless and there are over 300 known players in the set. They are all on very thin paper stack and came issued in little metal tins.

E270s come in 2 different ways. One has a red border around the front of the card and the other type looks just like E254s but have different wording on the backs.

E271 - Darby Chocolates (1910)
Extremely rare cards that are actually the panels of a box of candy. New examples have been found in the last 20 years but most are in poor condition. Examples of full boxes are known and unless you have big $$$ to spend very few collectors have an example of these cards in there collection.

E286 - Ju Ju Drums (1910)
Very rare cards. They were the competition to Colgan's Chips. There are 40-50 known players and are round and were issued in cardboard "tins".

E300 - Plow's Candy (circa. 1912)
Very rare but very nice looking 3" X 4" sepia tone cards. There are 68 known players and this set was unknown until the 1970s. Should not be confused with Plow Boy tobacco cards. E300s have players from every team where as the Plow Boys only have players from the Chicago teams.

There are a number of sets that are post ACC discoveries and are just given "EUnc" designations. Checklists grow every year as new players are found. These sets include:

Baseball Bats (circa. 1911) - 50 known, cards are box panels. All-Star Baseball (circa. 1910) - 24 known, cards are box panels.
Big Eater (circa. 1911) - 20 known Sacramento Solons PCL players. Orange Border Stripe cards (circa. 1910) - part of box of candy. Box states 144 are in the set - 28 known
Anonymous - (1910?) - 5 players known, all well known HOF players. Cards appear to be part of a box.  

Identifying Reprints
Below are links bringing you to pages that will help you identify the reprints from the originals:

M101-4 Babe Ruth (Courtesy of Andy Baran)

E95 Philadelphia Caramel

D304 Brunner's Bread (coming)

E253 Oxford Confectionery (coming)




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