E100 Bishop & Co. (Issued 1911)

Consisting of minor league players of the Pacific Coast League (PCL) this set like the E99 set is not as widely collected as the other sets that feature major league players.
They are quite rare and come in two different types.

Each player offered in this set come with four different color backgrounds - Green, Yellow, Blue and Red. It is assumed all cards can be found with each of the color backgrounds.

Type one cards are the 'standard" versions that feature the printed backs.

Type two cards are blank backed and use the same images as their type one counterparts but the images are cropped closer or 'enlarged". Type two cards have been found with Green or Orange backgrounds. If there is no name listed then that player/color combination is unknown. If you have any of these in your colelction please email me a scan.

Type One
Type Two
All Four Possible Colors
Seaton, p. Portland
Seaton, p.
Seaton, p.
Steen, p. Portland
Steen, p.
Rapps, 1b. Portland
Rapps, 1b.
Peckinpaugh, ss. Portland    
McCreedle, Mgr. Portland
McCreedle, Mgr.
Tozer, p, Los Angeles    
Delhi, p., Los Angeles
Delhi, p.
Pete Daley, Los Angeles    
Delmas, Los Angeles    
Moore, Los Angeles    
Tennent, 1st B., San Francisco
Tennent, 1st B.
Mohler, 2nd B., San Francisco    
Powell, l.f. San Francisco    
Suter, p. San Francisco
Suter, p.
Weaver, 2b. San Francisco
Weaver, 2b.
Hap Hogan, c., Vernon    
Burrell, 3rd B., Vernon
Burrell, 3rd B.
Burrell, 3rd B.
Carlisle, c.f., Vernon    
Hitt, p., Vernon  
Hitt, p.
Patterson, 1b., Vernon
Patterson, 1b.
Pfyle, 1st B., Oakland  
Pfyle, 1st B.
Cutshaw, 2b., Oakland    
Nelson, p., Oakland
Nelson, p.
Pearce, c., Oakland  
Pearce, c.
Wares, s.s., Oakland    
Baum p., Sacramento    
Danzig, 1b., Sacramento  
Danzig, 1b.
O'Rourke, 2b., Sacramento
O'Rourke, 2b.
Thomas, c., Sacramento    
Lerchen, s.s., Sacramento
Lerchen, s.s.


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