E99 Bishop & Co. (Issued 1910)

Consisting of Pacific Coast League (PCL) players this set is not as widely collected as the other sets that feature major league players.

Cards from this set do not appear very often and I feel are a little harder to find than E100 cards. A checklist for the set is found on the back of each card.

E99 cards are found in four color backgrounds - Green, Yellow, Blue and Purple.

The Checklist:

Krapp, p. Portland
Olsen, s.s. Portland
Casey, 2nd B. Portland
Byones, c. Portland
McCredie, Portland

Nelson, p. Oakland
Cutshaw, s.s. Oakland
Cameron, 1st B. Oakland
Wolverton, 3rd B. Oakland
Maggett, l.f. Oakland


Mohler, 2nd B., San Francisco
Tennent, 1st B., San Francisco
Bodie, l.f. San Francisco
McArdle, s.s. San Francisco
Melchoir, r.f. San Francisco


Nagle, p, Los Angeles
Dillion, 1st B., Los Angeles
Delmas, s.s., Los Angeles
Thorsen, p. Los Angeles
Smith, c. Los Angeles

Hap Hogan, c., Vernon
N. Brashear, 2nd B., Vernon
Hitt, c., Vernon
Lindsay, s.s., Vernon
Hasty, c., Vernon

Van Buren c.f. Sacramento
Nourse, p. Sacramento
Hunt, p. Sacramento
Raymor, 2nd B. Sacramento
Briggs, r.f., Sacramento


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