E105 Mello-Mints (Issued circa. 1909-1910)

These cards are on very thin paper stock and quite fragile in nature.
Judging by their rarity it is assumed that they were just distributed in Texas and/or the lower mid-western states. This checklist for this 50 card set is the same as the E92/E101 list. The art work is identical as well.

Some examples are found with a very concise vertical crease. It is believed that this may have been caused by the manner in which they were packaged but if that were true I would imagine a majority of the cards still existing would come this isn't the case. A munber of players are MUCH more common due to a find some years ago. Among the more common players are Bescher, Knight, Lajoie, Young.

The Checklist:

Barry, s.s. Phila. Amer.

Jennings, Mgr. Detroit, Amer.

Bemis, c. Cleveland Amer.

Kleinow, c. New York, Amer.

Bender, p. Phila. Amer. (White Hat)

Knabe, 2b Phila. Nat'l.

Bender, p. Phila. Amer. (Stripe Hat)

Knight, s.s. New York, Amer.

Bergen, c., Brooklyn, Nat'l.

Lajoie, 2b Cleveland Amer.

Bescher, c.f. Cincinnati, Nat'l.

Lobert, 3b Cincinnati, Nat'l.

Bridwell, s.s. New York, Nat'l

Magee, c.f. Phila. Nat'l.

Casey, 3b. Brooklyn, Nat'l.

Mathewson, p. New York, Nat'l.

Chance, 1b. Chicago, Nat'l.

McGraw, Mgr. New York, Nat'l.

Chase, 1b. New York, Amer.

McLean, c. Cincinnati, Nat'l.

Cobb, c.f. Detroit, Amer.

Miller, 2b. Pittsburg, Nat'l. (Batting)

Collins, 2b. Phila. Amer.

Miller, 2b. Pittsburg, Nat'l. (Fielding)

Crawford, c.f. Detroit, Amer.

Murphy, r.f. Phila. Amer.

Davis, 1b Phila. Amer.

O'Hara, r.f. St. Louis, Nat'l

Devlin, 3b New York, Nat'l.

Schaefer, 2b. Wash., Amer.

Donovan, p. Detroit, Amer.

Schlei, c. New York, Nat'l.

Dooin, c. Phila. Nat'l.

Schmidt, c. Detroit, Amer.

Doolan, s.s. Phila. Nat'l.

Seigle, r.f. Cincinnati, Nat'l.

Dougherty, l.f. Chicago, Amer.

Shean, 2b Boston Nat'l.

Doyle, New York, Nat'l. (Batting)

Smith, c. Detroit, Amer.

Doyle, New York, Nat'l. (Throwing)

Tinker, s.s. Chicago, Nat'l.

Evers, 2b Chicago, Nat'l

Wagner, s.s. Pittsburg, Nat'l. (Batting)

Gibson, c. Pittsburg, Nat'l.

Wagner, s.s. Pittsburg, Nat'l. (Throwing)

Hartsel, l.f. Phila. Amer.

Cy Young, p. Cleveland Amer.

Jacklitsch, c. Phila. Nat'l.

Zimmerman, 2b Chicago, Nat'l


This is the back of an E105 card.
rint on the back is in green.

Smaller then standard size e-cards they
measure 1 3/8" wide X 2 5/8" high (vertical).




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