E96 Philadelphia Caramel (Issued circa. 1910)

Issued by the Philadelphia Caramel Co. this set of 30 cards is really a second series, the first series being the E95 set. Following the style set in the E95 set, they are not numbered on the front but are assigned numbers on the back. The numbering does not start with #26 but they do state on the back "Previous Series 25, making total Issue 55 cards." This is the only instance where 2 caramel sets are advertised as being a series.

More then a few collectors have found the Kling, Tinker and Baker cards harder to find then other cards in the set. I have found Kling and Tinker to be the most difficult.

The checklist below lists the card using the numbers on the back of the cards.

01. Davis, Athletics, Amer.

16. Delahanty, Detroit, AL
02. Mack, Athletics AL 17. Mullin, Detroit, AL
03. Thomas, Athletics AL 18. Arrelanes, Boston, A.L.
04. Baker, Athletics, AL 19. Spencer, St. Louis, AL
05. Dooin, Phila., Nat'l 20. Kling, Chicago, Nat'l
06. McQuillian, Phila., Nat'l 21. Pfeister, Chicago Nat'l
07. Konetchy, St. Louis, Nat'l 22. Brown, Chicago, Nat'l
08. Karger, St. Louis, Nat'l 23. Tinker, Chicago Nat'l
09. Mowrey, St. Louis, Nat'l 24. Clark, Pittsburgh, Nat'l
10. Murray, St. Louis, Nat'l 25. Gibson, Pittsburgh, Nat'l
11. Lajoie, Cleveland, AL 26. Adams, Pittsburgh, Nat'l
12. Rossman, Cleveland, AL 27. Ames, New York, Nat'l
13. Rucker, Brooklyn Nat'l 28. Marquard, New York, Nat'l
14. Jennings, Detroit, AL 29. Herzog, New York, Nat'l
15. Donovan, Detroit, AL 30. Meyers, New York, Nat'l


The back of a typical E96 card.
Print on the back of an E96 card is in red.

Properly sized cards are
1 1/2" wide X 2 5/8" high.


Blank backed E96 "cards" have been found and are being called "proofs". This may not be the case. To read about this topic click here.

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