E93 Standard Caramel Co. (Issued circa 1910)

Offering unique poses and a nice array of colors the E93 set is very popular with collectors. E93s are very attractive and are just hard enough for advanced collectors to pursue them with enthusiasm.

This set shows the greatest pitcher of all time - Cy Young - in a batting pose. Go figure. At least it is him. (See E97 page for more on that)

Interesting that the text on the back of the card specifically states that the images are from original photographs. This is not completely true as 8 player poses including Cobb, Collins, Tinker, and Evers are used in either the E94 or E98 sets.

The Checklist:

1. Ames, N.Y. Nat'l
16. Jennings, Detroit Amer.
2. Bender, Phila. Amer. 17. Jones, Detroit Amer.
3. Brown, Chicago Nat'l 18. Joss, Cleveland Amer.
4. Chance, Chicago Nat'l 19. Lajoie, Cleveland Amer.
5. Chase, N.Y. Amer. 20. Leach, Pittsburgh Nat'l
6. Clarke, Pittsburgh Nat'l 21. Mathewson, N.Y. Nat'l
7. Cobb, Detroit Amer. 22. McGraw, N.Y. Nat'l
8. Collins, Phila. Amer. 23. Phillippe, Pittsburgh Nat'l
9. Coveleskie, Cincinnati Nat'l. 24. Plank, Phila. Amer.
10. Delahanty, Detroit Amer 25. Pastorius, Brooklyn Nat'l
11. Donovan, Detroit Amer. 26. Tinker, Chicago Nat'l
12. Dooin, Phila. Nat'l 27. Waddell, St. Louis Nat'l
13. Evers, Chicago Nat'l 28. Wagner, Pittsburgh Nat'l
14. Gibson, Pittsburgh Nat'l 29. Wiltse, N.Y. Nat'l
15. Griffith, Cincinnati Nat'l 30. Young, Cleveland Amer.



The back of a typical E93 card.
Print on the back of E93 cards is in brown.

Properly sized cards are
1.5" wide X 2.75" high.




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