E101 Anonymous (Issued circa. 1909)

The producer of these cards is not listed on the back of the cards. The backs are VERY similar in style and text to E92 Dockman's. This set is sometimes passed on as all of the poses can be found in other, more commonly found sets. The 50 players/poses are the same players/poses found in the E92, E102, and E106 sets.

One interesting tidbit is that the last line of print on the back ends in a comma and not a period. This leads me to believe that these cards were printed with the intention that a candy maker or even a store would include some type of advertising of their own.

Barry, s.s. Phila. Amer.

Jennings, Mgr. Detroit, Amer.

Bemis, c. Cleveland Amer.

Kleinow, c. New York, Amer.

Bender, p. Phila. Amer. (White Hat)

Knabe, 2b Phila. Nat'l.

Bender, p. Phila. Amer. (Stripe Hat)

Knight, s.s. New York, Amer.

Bergen, c., Brooklyn, Nat'l.

Lajoie, 2b Cleveland Amer.

Bescher, c.f. Cincinnati, Nat'l.

Lobert, 3b Cincinnati, Nat'l.

Bridwell, s.s. New York, Nat'l

Magee, c.f. Phila. Nat'l.

Casey, 3b. Brooklyn, Nat'l.

Mathewson, p. New York, Nat'l.

Chance, 1b. Chicago, Nat'l.

McGraw, Mgr. New York, Nat'l.

Chase, 1b. New York, Amer.

McLean, c. Cincinnati, Nat'l.

Cobb, c.f. Detroit, Amer.

Miller, 2b. Pittsburg, Nat'l. (Batting)

Collins, 2b. Phila. Amer.

Miller, 2b. Pittsburg, Nat'l. (Fielding)

Crawford, c.f. Detroit, Amer.

Murphy, r.f. Phila. Amer.

Davis, 1b Phila. Amer.

O'Hara, r.f. St. Louis, Nat'l

Devlin, 3b New York, Nat'l.

Schaefer, 2b. Wash., Amer.

Donovan, p. Detroit, Amer.

Schlei, c. New York, Nat'l.

Dooin, c. Phila. Nat'l.

Schmidt, c. Detroit, Amer.

Doolan, s.s. Phila. Nat'l.

Seigel, r.f. Cincinnati, Nat'l.

Dougherty, l.f. Chicago, Amer.

Shean, 2b Boston Nat'l.

Doyle, NY, Nat'l. (Batting)

Smith, c. Detroit, Amer.

Doyle, New York, Nat'l. (Throwing)

Tinker, s.s. Chicago, Nat'l.

Evers, 2b Chicago, Nat'l

Wagner, s.s. Pittsburg, Nat'l. (Batting)

Gibson, c. Pittsburg, Nat'l.

Wagner, s.s. Pittsburg, Nat'l. (Throwing)

Hartsel, l.f. Phila. Amer.

Young, p. Cleveland Amer.

Jacklitsch, c. Phila. Nat'l.

Zimmerman, 2b Chicago, Nat'l



This is the back of an E101 card.
rint on the back is in black.

Properly sized cards are
1 1/2" wide X 2 3/4" high





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