E90.3 American Caramel (Issued circa. 1910-1911)

This 20 card set was most likely issued late in the 1910 season or in 1911. There are 11 Chicago Cubs and 9 Chicago White Sox players represented. I feel it is he hardest to find of the American Caramel issues, except for the E125 set.

It is assumed the intention was to issue one card for each position. There is no C.F. for the Sox but 2 pitchers are represented. All of the positions are represented for the Cubs as well as 3 pitchers.

Being from Chicago, this set is a personal favorite of mine.

Being so rare it is hard to tell if any one card is more difficult to find then another. In Lew Lipset's book The Encycleopedia of Baseball Cards, Volume 2: Early Candy & Gum he states that Frank Chance, Cubs and Gandil, White Sox are harder to find then the other cards.

I feel the rarity of the Gandil card is due to him being a memebr of the Black Sox and therefore not offered for sale very often. The card itself doesn't seem to be any harder to find then the others.

As you can see after viewing the gallery that there are distinct artistic styles to the finished cards. (Compare style of Tinker to Evers). The more realistic style (i.e. Evers) is reminicent of the style used for the E90-1 cards that are harder to find (i.e. E90.1 Sweeney. Boston) and could pin point them as being issued in 1911. The other style matches the one used in the E90.1 set for players that were believed to be issued in 1910. I feel an indicator of which cards were issued in what year can be determined by the style of the art work.

A few quotes from hobby veteran, Mark Macrae:

Referring to a large group of cards he acquired a few years ago:
"all the Dougherty's were severely off center"


". . .looking at the condition of the group I currently own would lead me to believe that Archer & Chance may be a little bit more difficult, but clearly Hahn & Smith are the ones which I've seen the least of".


". . . although they feature Chicago players, several original collections have turned up in Northern California. Don Steinbach (Formerly of Sports Collectors Store) visited me a number of years back & we got to talking on that set. He acquired 'his' group while on a buy trip out here back in the mid-70's. Very strange indeed. "Hahn & Smith are the ones I've seen the fewest of. The last large group I bought (About 5 years ago) were in Sacramento & there were nearly 100 E90-3 cards (None of Hahn!!! - but a bunch of Gandils....about 10 as I recall)."


The Checklist:

Chicago Cubs Chicago White Sox
Archer, c. Cubs Blackburne, s.s. White Sox
Brown, p. Cubs Dougherty, l.f. White Sox
Chance, 1.b. Cubs Gandil, 1.b. White Sox
Cole, p. Cubs Hahn, r.f. White Sox
Evers, 2.b. Cubs Payne, c. White Sox
Hofman, c.f. Cubs Purtell, 3.b. White Sox
Overall, p. Cubs Smith, p. White Sox
Schulte, r.f. Cubs Walsh, p. White Sox
Sheckardt, l.f. Cubs Zeider, 2.b. White Sox
Steinfeldt, 3.b. Cubs  
Tinker, s.s. Cubs  


The is the back of a typical E90-3 card.

Print on the back of E90-3 cards is black.

Properly sized cards are
1.5" wide X 2.75" high.

Note "100 Subjects" at the top is now All The Star Players and the city name at the bottom has been changed to Chicago for this set.



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