E102 Anonymous (Issued 1909-1910) - Happy H.L.! ;-)

Producer of these cards is not listed on the back of the cards leaving the option opeb for a number of outlets to use them simply by adding their own advertising.

Even though the backs state there are 25 cards in the set there are 3 players (Doyle, Wagner, Miller) who have 2 different poses and Smith (really believed to be Schmidt from Detroit with the name listed incorrectly) who is not listed on the back making for 29 known cards.

This set of 29 cards is believed to be one of the first sets to be produced along with E101s and offered to candy makers. This set consists of the same players/poses as can be found in the E92, E101, and E106 sets. E102s are widely collected as it is was believed to be one of the earliest sets to be issued. Many believe the Ty Cobb card from this set is his rookie card while others feel that distinction belongs to his card in a set called W555. Since the exact issue date of both sets is unknown there is much debate about that topic.

For you rarity lovers the Miller (Fielding) is extermely difficut to find and I have found t he Wagner (Fielding) card even harder to find. I can only recall one or two being offered for sale. The Doyle (Batting) card is rare as well along with the Schmidt card.

The Checklist:

Bender, p. Phila. Amer. (White Hat)
Lobert, 3b Cincinnati, Nat'l.
Bescher, c.f. Cincinnati, Nat'l. Magee, c.f. Phila. Nat'l.
Chase, 1b. New York, Amer. Mathewson, p. New York, Nat'l.
Cobb, c.f. Detroit, Amer. Miller, 2b. Pittsburgh, Nat'l. (Batting)
Collins, 2b Phila., Amer. Miller, 2b. Pittsburgh, Nat'l. (Fielding)
Crawford, c.f. Detroit, Amer. Murphy, r.f. Phila. Amer.
Donovan, p. Detroit, Amer. Schaefer, 2b. Wash., Amer.
Dooin, c. Phila. Nat'l. Schmidt, c. Detroit, Amer.
Dougherty, l.f. Chicago, Amer. Shean, 2b Boston Nat'l.
Doyle, New York, Nat'l. (Batting) Smith, c. Detroit, Amer.
Doyle, New York, Nat'l. (Throwing) Tinker, s.s. Chicago, Nat'l.
Evers, 2b Chicago, Nat'l Wagner, s.s. Pittsburgh, Nat'l. (Batting)
Kleinow, c. New York, Amer. Wagner, s.s. Pittsburgh, Nat'l. (Throwing)
Knabe, 2b Phila. Nat'l. Zimmerman, 2b Chicago, Nat'l
Lajoie, 2b Cleveland Amer.  



This is the back of an E102 card.
rint on the back is in black.

Properly sized cards are
1 1/2" wide X 2 3/4" high




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