E90.2 American Caramel (Issued late 1909 or 1910)

This is an 11 card set show casing the 1909 World Champion Pittsburgh Pirates.

All cards are portraits and utilize one of three different color backgrounds - red, blue, or green. This is a very hard set to complete. I have not seen enough offered to be able to determine if any one is more difficult to find then the others. To my knowledge each player has only been found with one of the three color backgrounds.

The checklist:

Player Background Color
Adams, Pittsburgh Red Background
Clarke, Pittsburgh Red Background
Gibson, Pittsburgh Blue Background
Hyatt, Pittsburgh Green Background
Leach, Pittsburgh Blue Background
Leever, Pittsburgh Pink Background
Maddox, Pittsburgh Red Background
Miller, Pittsburgh Red Background
Phillippe, Pittsburgh Blue Background
Wagner, Pittsburgh Blue Background
Wilson, Pittsburgh Blue Background



The is the back of a typical E90-2 card. Print on the back of an E90-2 card
is black. If it looks familiar it is. It is the same back as the E90.1 set.

Properly sized cards are
1.5" wide X 2.75" high.

This set has not been officially reprinted but fakes may be made using computer scanners and color printers.


E90.2 Gallery (Coming)


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