E98 Anonymous Issuer (Issued circa. 1910)

The name of the producer of this set in not listed on the back of the cards.

E98 cards come in one of four different color backgrounds - Red, Blue, Green and Orange. It is assumed that all 30 players can be found with all four different background colors.

I have not noticed that one color background is particularly harder to find then
the others. Orange seems to be the most common, followed by Blue, the Green, then Red being found the least often.

The checklist below follows the numbering on the back of the cards.

1. Mathewson NY Nat'l

16. Brown Chicago, Nat'l
2. McGraw NY Nat'l 17. Mullin Detroit, Amer.
3. Kling Chicago, Nat'l 18. Meyers NY Nat'l
4. Chance Chicago, Nat'l 19. Vaughn NY Amer.
5. Wagner Pittsburgh Nat'l 20. Dooin Phila. Amer.
6. Clarke Pittsburgh Nat'l 21. Tenney NY Nat'l
7. Bresnahan St. Louis Nat'l 22. McLean Cin. Nat'l
8. Chase NY Amer. 23. Lajoie Cleveland, Amer.
9. Ford NY Amer. 24. Tinker Chicago, Nat'l
10. Cobb Detroit Amer. 25. Evers Chicago, Nat'l
11. Jennings Detroit Amer. 26. Davis Phila. Amer.
12. Bender Phila. Amer. 27. Collins Phila. Amer.
13. "Ed" Walsh Chicago Amer. 28. Danlen Phila. Amer.
14. "Cy" Young, Cleveland 29. Mack Phila. Amer.
15. Bridwell N.Y. Nat'l 30. Coombs Phila. Amer.



This is the back of an E98 card.
rint on the back is in brown.

Properly sized cards are
1 1/2" wide X 2 3/4" high


There are cards with a "Old Put" Cigars stamp on the back. I don't think it is coincidence that a card with no issuer printed on the card has a stamp like this. Dads come in and buy cigars - owner gives them a card (with the store name) for their son. Son then pressures Dad to go back for more cards. Pretty smart sales move I'd say. I don't think the cards with the "Old Put" stamp should be considered a separate issue.