E107 Breisch-Williams (Issued 1903-1904)

This is the first major set to be produced in the 20th century. The cards are black & white and consist of all portraits.

The best feature of this set is the fact that it contains 19th century players who were at the end of their careers and early appearances by some of the greatest players of the 20th century.

The Checklist:

Anderson, L.F., N.Y. Gilbert, 2B, New York, N Padden, 2B, St. Louis, A
Anderson, 1B, St Louis, A H Gleason, Sub., Boston, A Parent, S.S., Boston, A
Barret, Fielder, Detroit W Gleason, 2B, Phila., N Patterson, P., Chicago, A
Beaumont, Fielder, Pittsburgh W Gleason, New York, N Peitz, C., Cincinnati
Beck, Sub., Detroit Gochnauer, SS Cleveland Phillipie, P., Pittsburgh
Beckley, 1B, Cincinnati Green, Fielder, Chicago, A Piatt, P., Boston, N
Bemis, c., Cleveland Hahn, P., Cincinnati Pickering, Fielder, Athletics
Bender, P., Athletics Hallman, 2B, Phila., N Plank, P., Athletics
Bernhard, P., Cleveland Hanlon, Brooklyn Poole, P., Brooklyn
Bey, Fielder, Cleveland Harley, Fielder, Chicago, N Poole, P., Cincinnati
Bradley, 3B, Cleveland Harper, P., Cincinnati Powell, P., St. Louis, A
Buelow, C., Detroit Hartzell, Fielder, Athletics Powell, P., New York, A
Callahan, P., Chicago, A Heidrick, Fielder, St. Louis, A Powers, C., Athletics
Carey, 1B, Washington Hemphill, Fielder, St. Louis, A Ritchie, 2B, Pittsburgh
Carr, 1B, Detroit Henley, P., Athletics J Ryan, Fielder, Washington
Carrick, P Washington Hickman, lB, Cleveland Schreckengost, C., Athletics
Casey, 3B, Chicago, N Howell, P., New York, A Selbach, Fielder, Washington
Chance, LB, Chicago, N Isabel, LB, Chicago, A Seybold, Fielder, Athletics
Chesbro, P., New York, A Jacklitsch, C., Brooklyn Sheckhard, Fielder, Brooklyn
Clarke, Fielder, Pittsburgh Jones, Fielder, Chicago, A Siever, P., St. Louis, A
Clark, C., Washington Jones, Sub., Boston, A Smith, C., Pittsburgh
Collins, 3B, Boston, A Joss, P., Cleveland Sparks, P., Phila., N
Cooley, Fielder, Boston, N Kahoe, C., St. Louis, A Stahl, Fielder, Boston, A
Corcoran, C., Cincinnati Keeler, Fielder, New York, A Steinfeldt, 3B, Cincinnati
Coughlan, 3B, Washington Kelley, Fielder, Cincinnati Strange, 3B, Brooklyn
Criger, C., Boston, A Kennedy, P., Pittsburgh Sudhoff, P., St. Louis, A
L Cross, 3B, Athletics Kitson, P., Detroit Sugden, C., St. Louis, A
M Cross, 3B, Athletics Kittredge, C., Boston, N Sullivan, C., Chicago, A
Dahlen, SS, Brooklyn Kittredge, C., Washington Taylor, P., Chicago, N
T. Daly, 2B, Chicago, A LaChance, 1B, Boston, A Tenney, LB, Boston, N
G Davis, 2B, Chicago, A Lajoie, 2B, Cleveland Thomas, Fielder, Phila., N
H Davis, 1B, Athletics Leach, 3B, Pittsburgh Thoney, Sub., Cleveland
Delahanty, Fielder, Washington Lee, P., Pittsburgh Thoney, Sub., New York, A
DeMont, S.S., Washington

Lee, P., Washington

Townsend, P., Washington
Dlllon, Detroit Leever, P., Pittsburgh Van Haltren, Fielder, NY, N
Dlllon, Brooklyn Long, S.S., New York, A Waddell, P., Athletics
Dineen, P., Boston, A Lush, Fielder, Detroit Wagner, S.S., Pittsburgh
Donahue, P., St. Louis, A Lush, Fielder, Cleveland Wallace, S.S., St. Louis, A
Donlin, Fielder, Cincinnati Mathewson, P., New York, N J Warner, C., New York, N
Donovan, Fielder, Pittsburgh McAllister, C., Detroit Wiggs, P., Cincinnati
Dougherty, Fielder, Boston, A McCarthy, Fielder, Cleveland Wllliams, 2B, New York, A
Douglass, C., Phila., N McCormick, 3B, St. Louis, A Willis, P., Boston, N
Doyle, 1B, Brooklyn McFarland, C., Chicago, A Wiltse, P., New York, A
Doyle, 1B, Phila., N McFarland, Fielder, New York, A Winters, P., Boston, A
Drill, C., Washington McGinnity, P., New York, N Wood, C., Cleveland
Dunn, P., New York, N McGraw, 3B, New York, N Yeager, 3B, Detroit
Elberfield, S.S., Detroit McGuire, C., Brooklyn Young, P., Boston, A
Elberfield, S.S., Athletics Menefee, P., Chicago, N Zimmer, C., Phila., N
Farrell, C., Boston, A Mertes, Fielder, New York, N  
Ferris, 2B, Boston, A Miller, P., Detroit
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Flick, Fielder, Cleveland Mitchell, P., Phila., N Dahlen, SS, N.Y. N
Freeman, Fielder, Boston, A Moore, P., Cleveland  
Freil, 2B, St. Louis, A Murphy, 2B, Athletics  
Fultz, Fielder, New York, A O'Conner, C., New York, A  
Garvin, P., Brooklyn Orth, P Washington  




Most E107s have blank backs. This is the back of an E107 card with print but not the additional overprint. Print on the back is in black.

Properly sized cards are
1 3/8" wide X 2 5/8" high





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